Quality assurance and automation from Transpire – Guaranteeing that all of our builds have been tried and tested according to industry best practice for the ultimate digital product or experience. 

Our Quality Assurance and Automation Services

Transpire’s experienced Quality Assurance team perform a wide variety of tests to ensure that our products are the best possible quality. They are involved throughout the development process so that quality is always in focus.

Our Quality Assurance team specialises in:

  • Progressive testing for each feature
  • Regression testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Smoke testing
  • iOS and Android device testing
  • Web application testing
  • API endpoint testing

Effectively, by digitising customer experiences through smart phone technology, Virgin has been able to eliminate common travelling pain-points to provide an integrated, automated, travelling experience.
– Rob Sharp, Group Executive, Virgin Australia Airlines

Our Approach to Quality Assurance and Automation

Each feature or piece of functionality we build will go through progressive testing. Every module is tested after another incrementally for full accountability.

Our QA team will also thoroughly test APIs to make sure they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance and security.

Once a new feature or piece of functionality has actually been added, our QA team will create or perform automated regression testing to guarantee correct operation with no defects. The same goes for defects that have been fixed.

If our QA team detects an issue, it is raised and monitored immediately. Our priority is to resolve any problems as quickly as possible without compromising overall quality.

In addition to quality assurance and automation, we can also assist with:

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