It’s just been a wonderful experience for us working with Transpire. As scientists we are very good at developing research studies and planning rigorous and robust study designs, but not at understanding what’s involved in developing mobile apps to support behavioral change. This was a great marriage between Baker’s science and the knowledge that Transpire has in applying it to mobile technology for better health outcomes


Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute came to Transpire with the insight that Australians are sitting too much (on average 9 hours a day) and that the health ramifications were serious. When comparing people who sit for more than eight hours a day with those that sit less, extensive sitters are at a 15% greater risk of early death. This increases to a 40% greater risk for those who sit for longer than 11 hours a day.

Baker Institute’s research also showed that the detrimental effects of being sedentary can be minimised by breaking up periods of sitting. Through Design Thinking research Transpire identified that, since most Australians carry a smartphone with them at nearly all times, an app could be created to make people aware of how long they sit for and nudge them to change their behavior long term.


To create an app to motivate office workers to stand up and move for short intervals during the day, the app needed to track the amount of time a user spends sitting, record the frequency with which a user stands and notify them to ‘rise and recharge’ throughout the day.

In order to have the greatest impact and appeal to most people, the app needed to have a great user experience, be engineered to take advantage of hardware on the phone itself (not requiring the purchase of additional hardware) and most importantly, leverage gamification to make the experience fun and engaging, generate a positive goodwill for Baker Institute.


Leveraging Transpire’s experience in the health industry along with our Design Thinking
and engineering expertise, enabled Baker Institute to take their research from an idea to an award winning app that is changing the health of Australians by moving more throughout their work day.

Transpire designed and developed the back-end system to be user friendly and simple, leveraging Apple and Google’s health and fitness tracking platforms. It also designed and built the award winning Native iOS and Android mobile applications.

The app identifies movement through the accelerometer built into most phones, it tracks this movement on a simple dashboard and records data and insights to the device itself, thereby addressing data sovereignty and privacy considerations.



The app has been downloaded more than 15,000 times around the globe and has overwhelmingly positive reviews on both app stores. The app won a Silver in the Health Category at the 2016 Design 100 app design awards.

Transpire are now are working with Baker to integrate Apple Carekit and Researchkit to enable Rise and Recharge to be an on-going research tool for scientists and clinicians.