With their flexible approach to app development, Transpire’s highly skilled team have been a pleasure to work with.
– Tony Dhar, Partner, Minter Ellison


MinterEllison came to Transpire wanting to develop a highly secure and easy to use tool for company board members to access company documents.


Transpire designed and developed BoardTRAC and BoardTRAC Plus iPad applications that radically improve the board meeting process. Members and administrators can securely access board documents and communications within the BoardTRAC applications, where everything is centrally located, easily accessible and protected by industry standard encryption.

Groundbreaking features that balance improved productivity with increased security include two-level authentication, regular server penetration testing and online/offline access. By digitising, automating and centralising the board meeting process, as well as supporting it with industry standard encryption, Minter Ellison’s BoardTRAC is a radical improvement on how board meetings are conducted.


BoardTRAC has made an immediate impact on how corporate, nonprofit and government board meetings are organised and conducted, further cementing Minter Ellison’s place as one of Australia’s most innovative companies.