LeasePlan Australia is the world’s leading provider of fleet management services. The business wanted a better way to communicate with its more than ninety thousand fleet and novated lease customers.

Despite a comprehensive onboarding program for customers, its call centre was receiving a huge volume of correspondence asking for assistance with simple requests.

The business wanted to find a way to reduce costs by lowering the volume of inbound calls and encourage self-service, while also increasing customer retention by providing an exceptional digital experience.


Transpire’s design thinking process mapped the experiences of both employees and customers. From this, insights and key themes emerged that were used to generate product and service concepts to be tested with users.

This resulted in an initial product that provided LeasePlan customers with all the information they would need to manage vehicles at their fingertips.

To support the front end experience of customers, Transpire also built a robust interface with LeasePlan’s SAP-based backend that ensures seamless transfer and security of information.

The app provides functionality including a logbook to keep track of trips, and a list of benefits provided by LeasePlan (such as a fuel service providers), so that users can take advantage of discounted fuel and approved mechanics.

This ensured ease of service and cost savings for LeasePlan customers and an exceptional experience.


Transpire’s solution was a one-stop-shop for LeasePlan customers to manage their vehicles for both business or personal use.

The LeasePlan app helps drivers better manage their vehicles and reduces the time and effort required to complete simple tasks like replacing a fuel card.

For LeasePlan, the app helps drive down overall costs by reducing volume of inbound calls, but also differentiates it from the competition on the basis of superior customer experience.