Lauren Wade has joined our Talent Acquisition team to help find amazing new people to join our team, resource upcoming projects and help us achieve our strategic growth plans.


Lauren, welcome to Transpire. How does it feel to have your feet under the desk?

Thank you. I’m really excited to be part of the team. I have been out of the workforce for over a year after having my baby, so it’s refreshing to be back talking with adults about non-baby things! It’s been so enjoyable to learn about the teams that I’ll be supporting, what they do and what makes them such awesome teams to work in.

Lauren WadeYou mentioned you’ve been off for 12 months with your baby. We pride ourselves on a flexible workforce – so what does returning to work look like for you?

I’m working three days a week, and from my very first conversation with Transpire it was made clear that this is a family-friendly company. Just because I’m working three days, it doesn’t have to be 9-5 on those three days. I can catch up on hours if I suddenly need to go and pick up my daughter from daycare. So I think it’s the perfect way for me to integrate back into work after having time off. This is the first time I’ve ever worked part time, so it’s a learning experience for me too. It’s also terrific to have a manager like Wayne who’s very flexible and understanding.

Before you had a year off, what can you tell us about your recruitment background?

I worked in the Tokyo office of Michael Page for 6 years. It was a fantastic cultural experience, but also career-wise, since Tokyo is a major international business hub I got to meet clients whose coverage was APAC wide, which gave me insights into how multinational firms operate.

It must have been quite an experience, learning to navigate a new culture in a recruitment position. What do you think you learned?

There can be a big difference in how Japanese and Australian candidates approach job searching. I always tried to put myself in their shoes and recognise that they might approach a challenge in a very different way to how I approach it. Empathy and patience were two really important attributes I developed. 

Now you’re with Transpire – what are some of the recruitment focuses you and the team have this year?

It’s going to be a big year! Transpire is planning to basically double in size this year, and the areas that I will focus on are UX design, QA, and Project Management.

Transpire has a really great offering. We have interesting and impactful projects, a flexible people-first culture, and a focus on coaching and development. I think it’s an attractive place for people who are looking for career growth or even a career change.

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