The dust has settled on yet another Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2018), with this year’s event focussing heavily on iOS 12 performance improvements.

For example, Apple wants to make the iPhone faster and more responsive than its previously been – iOS 12 promises to speed up taking a photo on ageing Apple devices like the iPhone 6S Plus by 70%.

For the mobile developers at Transpire, events like WWDC 2018 offer a glimpse into what changes or challenges they’ll be faced with in the near future.

While several of the office went online to watch the keynote or check live feeds during the event, another member of the team was there in person.

We spoke to Head of Development Dan Streader on why Transpire goes to the effort of sending members of staff halfway across the world to attend industry events like WWDC 2018.

“These kinds of experiences continue to build my knowledge on how to best set-up our team for success,” Daniel Streader, Head of Development, Transpire.

Part of the action at WWDC 2018

“Attending WWDC is extremely important, not just to make our development team aware of any changes that might affect them, but also for our current and future clients,” said Dan.

“Sure we can watch video sessions from the comfort of our office, but having the opportunity to be on location, with access to Apple engineers and in the company of industry experts, allows me to bring back much more value to the team and our clients.”

Dan believes that his team does more than just design and develop mobile apps. For him, clients rely on Transpire to be across exciting new features and provide recommendations on future functionality, so that their digital products are the best they can be.

“The sessions I attended won’t just improve and enhance the technical aspects of our clients’ iOS apps,” said Dan. “They’ll also help with design, user experience, and quality assurance for the benefit of all users.”

The chance to connect with thought leaders and industry authorities from a range of businesses that aren’t always represented in Australia will also help Dan and his team in their future endeavours.

“These kinds of experiences continue to build my knowledge on how to best set-up our team for success and provide them with ongoing support throughout,” he said. “Even the most accomplished leaders are always looking to build their own skill set and support network.”

The real-world applications of attending WWDC 2018

Accessibility was one area of iOS development where Dan wanted to further his understanding and knowledge.

It is ingrained within all projects and products at Transpire because everybody deserves the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of digital technology.

In order to learn where Transpire could improve and enhance accessibility, Dan had to book a session at Apple’s Consultation Labs. Unfortunately, spots are limited, which meant going onto the conference website as soon as he woke up.

Thankfully, the early mornings were well worth it…

iPad user at WWDC 2018

“The sessions at Apple’s Consultation Labs really stood out,” Dan said. “Having direct access to subject matter experts to obtain feedback and refine our approach will improve the quality of all projects. It was great to see so many other developers interested and passionate about accessibility.

“The approach and investment by Apple in this area was also really impressive. They want to make the platform as enjoyable for everybody as possible, not just user-friendly.”

During his time talking about the accessibility features Transpire has developed for its clients, Dan received a great deal of assistance and advice from some of the industry’s most adept engineers.

“Understanding how Apple works internally is an excellent and invaluable insight that we can now model some of our own processes and tools on.”

On his return to Transpire, Dan presented a brown bag with Apple’s recommendations, which the team will now implement moving forward.

Dan at WWDC 2018