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Our Emerging Technology Services

From artificial intelligence and machine learning to smart homes and virtual reality devices, the proliferation of next-generation technology in everyday life can feel overwhelming.

With so many possibilities and so much potential, how do you tangibly adopt emerging technologies to better serve your customers, establish a unique point of difference, and meet business objectives?

By partnering with Transpire, you’ll benefit from in-depth research into what your customers want and need as well as a roadmap of potential technologies or applications.

From there, we’ll build your product or experience using human-centred design and best practice engineering, which includes rigorous testing and dedicated support every step of the way.

Very early on Transpire understood the complexity of the full BYOD multimedia we were trying to build and approached it with a problem-solving attitude. The outcome is a world-class BYOD technology solution that will ensure visitors are immersed in these important stories.
– Ian Fletcher, Executive Director, Overseas Projects at Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Our Approach to Emerging Technologies

In order to make any emerging technology solution work, strong collaboration with technical teams and subject matter experts is required to analyse the opportunity and formulate an innovative digital solution.

We’ll analyse any technical constraints and come up with a proposal of recommended emerging technologies. This is where we’ll call upon our partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and/or Amazon to deliver best practice at all times.

From there, we’ll simplify the digital solution to its most basic form (MVP) before defining a vertical micro-service architecture that can scale horizontally to reduce running costs.

Reporting and analytics will be built in from the very start, enabling greater visibility from development to production. This provides proactive support and real-time issue management.

All the while, we’ll apply our four guiding principles (Best Practice, Performance, Scalability, and Governance) to deliver a highly secure, scalable, and maintainable solution that benefits you and your customers.

In addition to emerging technologies, we can also assist with:

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